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Top Quality wild Assam Indian especial Oudh wood Chips

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Wild Indian Assam Oudh Oil( Top Grade A one)

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Davana Oil

Davana Oil -- Scientific Name--- Artemisia pallens. Family—Asteraceae, Extraction—Steam Distillation, Aroma-- odor is very fruity, pleasant, sugary and exclusive International Packing Available in 0.500 Gms.1 Kg,@2 Kg,5 Kg,10 Kg,20 Kg,25 Kg,50 Kg, Etc. in Food Grade Silver Coated Aluminum Bottles When applied on the skin, Davana is said to smell differently on different persons. This peculiar property is highly valued In high class perfumery to create fragrances with truly individual notes. Davana leaves and stalks are used In making bouquets, garlands, fresh or dry flower arrangements. Davana is massaged over lower abdominal area to stimulate moon cycle. Davana oil is soothing to rough, dry, chapped skin, skin infections and cuts. Davana has been widely used In Indian and Iraqi folk medicine As a treatment for diabetes mellitus. Oral administration led to significant blood glucose lowering effect. Artemisia pallens is a preferred food for the larvae of a number of butterfly species.

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