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Top Quality wild Assam Indian especial Oudh wood Chips

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Wild Indian Assam Oudh Oil( Top Grade A one)

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Product Detail

Oudh Oil AA Wholesale

Weight 0.180 Kg


Oud Oil---

Three years old.

Physiochemical properties:

Botanical Name: Aquilaria agallocha,
Family: Thymelaeaceae ,
Bottle Size: One Tola ( 12 gram),

Composition: 100% Pure,wild and natural Agarwood/Oud oil,
Origin: Assam, India ,
Method of Extraction: Hydrodistilled ,
Plant Part: Wood,

Appearance:-----      Brown coloured viscous oil.

Odour:-----------      Heavy, warm, balsamic, woody, Pleasant. Complex, dark, woody aroma; musty, honey-like, rooty-balsamic, mossy, luscious and unguent,
Strength of Initial Aroma: Strong,

pH:      -----------      Neutral

Boiling point: -------     95 0

Flash point:      Above 170 ºC

Freezing Point : ---- 22oC

Explosion Limits:     Not available

Vapour pressure (25ºC):     Not available

Specific Gravity (20ºC):     1.003 g/ml

Optical Rotation (20ºC):     1.5113

Refractive Index (20ºC):    -13.2

Solubility in water (20º):    Negligible

Partition Coefficient log P o/w:    Not available

Dry-out: Delicate, ethereal, earthy, balsamic, tenacious,
Consistency: Mobile,
Yield: Approx.100 tolas in year. 

 Common name—Agarwood, oudh, oud, ood, oodh, oude, jinkoh, gaharu, Aloeswood, Agaru, Aguru, Chenxiang, Tram huong, Jiko, Kyara, Lignum Aquila, Agilawood, eagle-wood, sasi, sashi, Mai kritsana, akil, Mai ketsana.

Some Aquilaria species are given below--

Aquilaria khasiana and Aquilaria Agallocha is found in India. Aquilaria apiculina is found in Philippines, Aquilaria baillonil is found in Thailand and Cambodia, Aquilaria baneonsis is found in Vietnam, Aquilaria beccarain is found in Indonesia, Aquilaria brachyantha is found in Malaysia, Aquilaria crassna is found in Cambodia Malaysia Thailand, and Vietnam, Aquilaria cumingiana is found in Indonesia and Malaysia, Aquilaria filarial, Aquilaria grandiflora and Aquilaria sinensis is found in China, Aquilaria hilata is found in Indonesia and Malaysia, Aquilaria malaccensis is found in Malaysia, Thailand, and India, Aquilaria microcapa is found in Indonesia and Malaysia, Aquilaria rostrata is found in Malaysia, Aquilaria subintegra is found in Thailand.
Agarwood/oud Oil Uses -----
The Indian Ayurvedic healing system, the burning of agarwoods has a warming and centering effect on the chakras and promotes a deep meditational state, The Sufis and Japanese Shaman use agarwood oil in their esoteric ceremonies. And its main uses in Stimulant, tonic, nausea, nerves, regurgitation, weakness in the elderly, andrelieves spasms in digestive and respiratory systems, shortness of breath, chills, general pains, lowers fever, asthma, cancer, colic, Agarwood oil has many uses in the field of Medical science such as preparing medicine, and Traditional medical system have been used for indigenous heath care, Aquilaria-derived formulations in general seem to relieve spasms and other forms of stagnant or stuck energy particularly in the digestive (stomach, kidneys, liver, bowel) and respiratory systems. The warming properties of Aquilaria derived medications has been noted. Its main uses isdigestive and bronchial complaints, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, cirrhosis of the liver and as a director or focuser for other medicines. In Ayurveda it is similarly recognised for It’s warming properties, In Tibetan medicine and in the Unani system It is balancing,Unani medicine recognises the four humors which have elements, body substances -blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile and qualities ascribed to each humor. These classifications are based on temperament both of people and the humors themselves. Temperaments of humors and person need to be diagnosed so that humors of plants can be prescribed to bring the body back to a state of balance,
The use of agarwood as an incense/chips ingredient is recognised in written works from Japan, China and elsewhere but in the main, it is through the means of oral tradition that the secrets that accompany use of materials such as agarwoods lie. From welcoming ancestors long departed, to stilling the mind, through to stopping the spread of infection where large groups of people are gathered, Incense is burned for energetic, cleansing, mental, physical  & spiritual effect. As is the case with certain grades of musk and ambergris, the high prices that can be achieved internationally for certain grades of gaharu is often based on availability rather than quality. Agarwood is burned as sacred incense in temples, and used in numerous Ayurvedic, Tibetan, and Chinese herbal preparations. Buddhists use agarwood for transmutation of ignorance. Tibetan monks use it to bring energy to calm the mind and spirit. It is said to enhance mental clarity, open the third eye and all of the upper chakras while calming the entire system.
It is said that prayers arise with the fragrant smoke of agarwood incense carry the prayer to the Creator , So the uses and actions into Mind, Body, Spirit because this it seems to have reputed properties in equal numbers for each. And used in Provides motivation & devotion to meditation, Drives away evil spirits,Removes impurities, Agarwood/oud Oil many uses for Sex.Many uses For Medicinal purpose like
Stimulant, tonic, aphrodisiac, diuretic, Antimicrobial, carminative (flatulence), febrifuge (lowers fever), digestive and bronchial. Relieves spasms of the digestive system and even certain kinds of cancer,Asthma,Weakness in the elderly so its very very usefull product.
Safety Guidelines:
The 100% Pure Agarwood/oud Oil is always Non-toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitizing. So please Do not take agarwood essential oil internally.